Writing Task 1 – Academic


In the course we will:

  • look at how to create an introduction, overview and body paragraphs.
  • study vocabulary for the different tasks, cohesive devices and referencing, as well as selecting key features.
  • learn how to use complex sentences, comparative grammar, punctuation and the importance of relative clauses.


General Overview

  • An Introduction to the Course
  • An Introduction to the IELTS Exam
  • Understanding Writing Task 1
  • The Different Task 1 Question Types
  • Planning Your Response

Task Achievement

  • Identifying Main Trends / Differences
  • Selecting Key Features
  • Assuring Accuracy

Coherence and Cohesion

  • Introductions
  • Overviews
  • Detail Paragraphs
  • Cohesive Devices and Referencing

Lexical Resource – Vocabulary for:

  • Graphs with a Trend
  • Comparative Graphs
  • Maps
  • Processes, and
  • Paraphrasing the Task Language

Grammatical Range and Accuracy

    • Using Complex Sentences in Task 1
    • Comparative Grammar
    • Using Punctuation in Task 1
    • The Importance of Relative Clauses