Esmeralda S Petersen
ِEnglish Teacher
About Me

I have worked as an online TEFL/TESOL teacher from 2011 till 2021.

My rich professional history in the performing arts has assisted me greatly in this regard.

During this period I was engaged with ESL students from the foundation right up to the intermediate phase, building their receptive as well as productive skills.


I have worked with ESL students from mainly South America and most Asian countries.

My core driving force is to install confidence and guide my students in having a greater command of the English language.

My experience and history as a performing artist and entertainer have eased my path to communicate and break cultural barriers with many students from a diverse range of cultures and walks of life.

My Objective

Primarily I want to assist ESL students to communicate effectively and confidently with their peers and professionals, as well as communicating as effectually as possible with foreigners.