Devoná Rodrigues
English Teacher
About Me

 In 2017, a year after I graduated from school, I went on to acquire my 120hours TRFL qualification. In 2018 I began working as an online English teacher for Talkbee and Hujiang for 

a temporary period. As of August 2020 , I was recruited as an online teacher for Bedakid where I’m currently teaching 70 classes a month. As of this recently I have acquired my TEOSL qualification. 


Working with students, mostly from Asia online, through this experience I have gained the necessary skills to effectively educate my students. I have gained through this time patience, strong listening skills, efficient time management, good work ethic and class management. 

My Objective

My current goal at this time is to educate and develop the language skills of the youth, so they are able to use English as a foundation when they enter the world later on their future. To achieve this I hope to maintain a healthy classroom environment ,happy and attentive students who are willing to learn and enjoy the English language.